Teddy Clever Clay 4 tub

Teddy Clever Clay is a super soft, air drying, lightweight and elastic sculpting material. Available in this smaller 4 colour tub.

Available in: red, yellow, blue and green

Create your own shades – colours mix well!

80g tub – available in 4 assorted colours

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Teddy Clever Clay needs to be “charged” for it to become easy to work with.

Knead the clay in your hands for a few minutes before you start working with it (or until the consistency of the clay has changed from very sticky and soft, to being a little firmer). Slightly dried clay can be revived by kneading the clay with wet hands.

For best results: Use the clay to build characters and creatures by first creating all of the separate elements and allowing them to dry for a while before assembling the figurine. Drying time depends on thickness of the shapes.

Dried clever clay creations can be decorated further using craft paint, or sticking on rhinestones, googley eyes, glitter and more!

Please Note: Colours may stain porous surfaces

*Clean up using soapy warm water


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