Dala Glass Stain

Dala Glass Stain is a solvent-based, transparent colour product with a high viscosity that is ideal for working on flat, smooth surfaces such as glass, perspex or acetate. The glaze dries to a flat, glossy finish that is level with the horizontal surface it’s used on.

Use in conjunction with Dala Glass Liners.

Please Note: Glass Stain is permanent.

Available in:

50ml bottle (All colours)

500ml bottle (Clear only)

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Dala Glass Stain is a decorative paint suited to colouring objects with a smooth, ideally transparent surface. Pefect for thicker, heavier materials like glass, or perspex objects (sheets; boxes, bottles and more); or lightweight, thin materials like acetate. For best results use in conjunction with Dala Glass Liners; as well as working on a flat, level surface.

Line your design using Dala Glass Liners and wait for the lines to dry completely.

Dip your paintbrush into the Glass Stain and gently apply it, filling in the depressions in your design. The thinner the layer of Glass Stain, the lighter the colour in the design will be. Apply more product if you require a deeper colour.

Fill all the spaces that need the same colour within the design at the time.

Allow to dry on a flat, protected surface for 30 minutes before handing or applying another colour. Colours can be layered ontop of one another for creative effects!

*Clean up using White Spirit or Turpentine


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