Dala Artists Oil Paint – Standard

Dala Artists Oil Paint has a rich, buttery consistency that is attributed to it being triple milled as well as the use of quality ingredients and pigments.

It has a high pigment loading, great archival properties and a ‘tried and tested’ light-fastness.

Use in conjunction with the many Dala Artists’ Oil Mediums for interesting paint alterations.

50ml single tubes – all colours

90ml single tubes – white only

3 x 50ml box kits – all colours available (3 of the same shade in each box).

6 x 50ml box kit – select colours available (6 different shades in each box).

12 x 12ml tube kit

Packaging Type:

50 ml / 90ml – aluminium tube

3 x 50ml box kits – 3 x aluminium tubes in a box

6 x 50ml box kits – 6 x aluminium tubes in a box

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Dala Oil Paints can be used straight from the tube and come in a variety of pre-mixed, classic colours which themselves allow for further successful colour mixing.

Use in conjunction with Dala Artists’ Oil Mediums which are paint additives offering a host of alterations to the paints consistency; gloss; transparency, flow and texture upon the canvas.

Many of the must-have tools and accessories suited to working in oils are available at Dala – including palette knives; brushes; oil painting mediums and easels.

Helpful Tip: The golden rule when using different kinds of media on the same substrate is “lean to fat”. This means that colour mediums like watercolour and acrylic colour can be applied to the canvas first and oil colour may be applied onto that. However, it is not advised to apply the oil colour (fat) first and then acrylic or watercolour (lean).

* Clean brushes / palette knives with Artists’ Turpentine or Artists’ White Spirit to remove oil colour residue. Therafter wash brushes in warm, soapy water and leave to dry.


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