Dala Jewel Bond Pen

Dala Jewel bond is a liquid, white glue that sets clear. It is a flexible embellishing glue for the adhesion of glitter, sequins, rhinestones, beads and other materials to fabric.

Available in this handy pen.

Available as:

30ml glue pen


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Dala Jewel Bond provides a flexible, washable pemanent bond for embellishments to fabric and other surfaces.

Depending on your chosen embellishments, Jewel bond can be applied to the embellishment or the fabric

For example:

When working with smaller materials like sequins, glitter and beads that you would like to pour onto the fabric: apply the Jewel Bond in an even layer to the fabric (in your chosen pattern) and then pour the sequins, glitter or beads onto the adhesive for a colourful, and abstract effect.

When working with larger materials like sequins, jewels and fabric flowers: apply the jewel bond to the embellishments and carefully position them as you like. you can also hold material elements in place with some pins while the adhesive dries

Take care to work on a flat surface if possible.

*Clean up with warm soapy water while glue is still wet.