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Dala Extendable Brush Tube

Also known as a “telescopic brush tube”.

This strong, extendable brush tube is made from a lightweight, clear plastic that protects your tools from damage and moisture.

Allows for the convenient transportation of various sized mark making tools such as brushes, markers and pencils.

Circumference: 5.5cm

Length: 21.5cm – 38cm

Material: Plastic

Dala Extendable Drafting Tube

Extendable drafting tubes allow for the easy transportation of artworks on thin materials like transparency, foil or paper.

This extendable drafting tube is made from a lightweight, black plastic that protects artworks from sunlight, water and creasing or tearing.

Nylon strap handle allows for comfortable, over-the-shoulder carrying.

Circumference: 10cm

Length: 65cm – 110cm (Medium) or 75cm – 135cm (Large)

Material: Plastic

Dala Metal Paint Tube Wringer

It is estimated that nearly 1/4 of tubed product is wasted. This heavy duty, all tube wringer will help you get the most out of your tubes.

Suitable for use with small or large plastic and metal tubes.

Height – 3cm, Width – 8cm, Depth – 10cm