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Dala Craft Paint – Standard Colours

Dala Craft Paint is a quality art product that is popular amongst artists and crafters. All colours offer superior hiding power and dry to a durable and satin sheen waterproof finish.

Due to its built in UV resistance, Dala Craft Paint can be used indoors and outdoors.

Can be used on a variety of materials including canvas, cardstock and paper, stones, unglazed pottery, concrete, plaster, clay items, plastic, metal and more

Seal painted items with a layer of water-based varnish such as Dala Deco Varnish or with a solvent-based equivalent.

50 ml – all colours available

250ml – select colours only

1 litre – select colours only

5 litre – select colours only

Dala Standard Fabric Paint

Dala Standard Fabric Paint is soft and flexible and will not crack. Standard colours include classic shades as well trendy colours.

For best results use on light coloured fabrics. For printing and painting on dark fabrics see Dala Opaque Fabric paints, or Dala Opaque Medium.

Available in:

50ml (all colours)
250ml (all colours)
1 litre (selected colours)
5 litre (selected colours)
6 X 50ml Kit
6 x 10ml Kit

Teddy Jumbo Glitter Shakers

Dala Jumbo Glitter Shakers are filled with rich, sparkly glitter varieties that are available in classic jewel tones and a white crystal variety. This is a crafters staple in a larger shaker bottle.