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Dala EVA Pop Sticks

EVA is a soft; porous, flexible foam material that lends itself to many crafting applications.

Dala EVA sticks are soft and flexible, making them easy to shape and cut.

Packs of 12 (Assorted colours – red; yellow; green; blue; purple; pink)

Dala Pop Stick Puppets

Make your own Pop Stick Puppets with this Dala “Craft Your Own” kit using EVA pieces, wooden pop sticks, a pom poms and googley eyes. Makes 3 puppets: a bunny, a cat and a dog.

Just follow the easy step by step instructions on the back of the pack. Great craft activity for children – however parental supervision is advised when handling scissors.

Makes 3 puppets: a cat, a bunny and a dog. Colours may vary.

Dala Wooden Pop Sticks

Dala Wooden pop sticks are craft staples, and are available in natural or coloured varieties.

Suitable for kids crafts and school projects.