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Dala 3D Fun Foam Activity Kit

The dala 3D Fun Foam Activity kit teaches you how to transform foamalite geometric and character shapes into works of layered art.

Make some of the creatures recommended on the pack, or create your own character designs all with the amazing Fun Foam.

Dala Foamalite Shapes

Dala foamalite shapes are available in a variety of sizes. Choose from traditional, geometric shapes such as cubes, eggs, rings, and spheres and more; as well as cute and interesting character shapes.

Dala Foamalite Sheets

Quality, polysytyrene sheets available in two thicknesses. Easy to shape and cut. Handy for school projects, model building and sculpture.

210mm x 300mm (10mm thick)
420mm x 300mm (10mm thick)
600mm x 420mm (15mm thick)
840mm x 600mm (15mm thick)

Dala Styrofoam Glue

Dala Styrofoam Glue is a clear, liquid glue that sets hard and clear.

It bonds pure plastic or partly plastic materials together effortlessly and without deterioration. An absolute must for crafters frequently working with ‘poly’ products such as styrofoam, pom poms, googley eyes, ribbon, felt and much more.

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