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Dala Dipping Pen & Nibs

This wooden handled quill style dipping pen comes with 4 interchangeable, differently sized nibs that are perfect for illustration and calligraphy.

Use in conjunction with waterproof, pigmented ink such as dala acrylic drawing ink or india ink.

Material: Wood

Length: 13.5cm (no nib inserted) 15.5cm (with longest of the 4 nibs inserted)
nibs range from 13mm to 22mm

Dala Glow in the Dark Liner

Dala Glow in the Dark paint has a creamy consistency, is water soluble and non toxic. It has fantastic light emission in the dark and will also glow brightly under UV light. Available in this handy pen.

Available as:

30ml artliner

Dala Water Brushes

Water brushes, or water brush pens, are special brushes that feature empty barrels or reservoirs wherein water, or any water-soluable colour medium can be filled. By gently squeezing the chamber the water, dye or ink then flows through to the brush head giving you the artistic effect of a brush and the control of a pen.

Suitable for use with many creative mediums such as dry and wet watercolours, charcoal, dyes, acrylic drawing inks, soft chalk pastels, watercolour markers and watercolour pencils.

Barrel / Reservoir – 6cm

Brush tip – 2cm

Full pen – 13cm