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Dala Oil Pastels

Dala Oil Pastels offer a soft, buttery consistency; intense colours and do not require fixing.

Available in traditional tones, as well as metallic and neon shades!

Handmade in South Africa

Standard Oil pastels – 10pc

Standard Oil Pastels – 15pc

Standard Oil Pastels – 25pc

Flesh Tone Oil Pastels – 10pc

Metallic Oil Pastels – 10pc

Neon Oil Pastels – 10pc

Dala Soft Chalk Pastels

Dala Soft Chalk Pastels are made from pure, powdered pigments and binder. They offer a rich, smooth texture as well as superb blending qualities.

Available in rich vibrant shades, grey tones and flesh tones.

Standard Soft Chalk Pastels – 12pc

Standard Soft Chalk Pastels – 24pc

Flesh Tones Soft Chalk Pastels – 12pc

Grey Tones Soft Chalk Pastels – 12pc

Teddy Buckets of Dough

Teddy dough is super soft and malleable for small hands, helping to develop a childs fine motor skills, hand strength and co-ordination.

It smells great and makes learning fun!

Available in primary, pastel and neon shades.

100g tubs – single colours

500g tubs – single colours or assorted colours

1 kg tubs – single colours or assorted colours

5 kg tubs – single colours or assorted colours

Teddy Chubby Pastels

Teddy Chubby Pastels offer rich vibrant colour with a soft, smooth feel and texture. They are small and chunky for little hands to grip and ideal in assisting in the development of fine motor skills.

Available in:

a pack of 10 assorted colours