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Dala Craft Lace

Dala Craft Lace is a multicoloured flexible, plastic coated nylon crafting string that is great for jewellery making, mixed media and craft applications.

Packs of 20

Each lace is 1m in length

Dala Craft paint – Neon Colours

Dala Neon Craft Paint is a quality art product that is popular amongst artists and crafters. All colours offer superior hiding power and dry to a durable and satin sheen waterproof finish.

Due to its built in UV resistance, Dala Craft Paint can be used indoors and outdoors. Available in 5 bright colours.

Can be used on a variety of materials including canvas, cardstock and paper, stones, unglazed pottery, concrete, plaster, clay items, plastic, metal and more

Seal painted items with a layer of water-based varnish such as Dala Deco Varnish or with a solvent-based equivalent.

50 ml – all colours available

250ml – all colours available

1 litre – all colours available

Dala Neon Acrylic Paint

Dala Neon Acrylic paint has a wonderful, thick, creamy consistency that is lightfast, and value for money.

Colours are intense and dry to a satin sheen finish.

Available in:

75ml tubes – red, pink, orange, yellow, green

Dala Neon Fabric Paint

Dala Neon Fabric Paint is bright, soft and flexible and will not crack.

For best results use on light coloured fabrics. For printing and painting on dark fabrics see Dala Opaque Fabric paints, or Dala Opaque Medium.

Available in:

1 litre

Dala Neon Face Paint Kit

Dalas popular face paint is available in bright neon shades for that perfect shimmer effect. Will glow under UV light.

Dala face paints are non-toxic and dermatologically tested.

Easy on, easy off.

5 x 10ml face paint colours

1 x pot of loose glitter

1 x facepaint brush

Teddy Junior Acrylic

Teddy Junior Acrylic paint is specifically formulated for kids. Choose from classic, glitter and neon tones.


Available in:


Teddy Neon Dough

Teddy’s popular, soft, malleable dough is also available in 4 neon colours. Create cool dough creatures and bring them ton life under a UV light.

240g – 4 neon colours in a flat, clear plastic tub

Teddy Neon Fun Foam

Paint and sculpt with the amazing Teddy Fun Foam! This unusual modelling material is non-toxic, super lightweight, self – hardening and can be applied to most surfaces and is available in these bright neon colours!

Available in:

60g neon tub of 4 colours