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Dala Acrylic Buttons

These acrylic buttons come in an assorted pack of many different shapes, styles and colours.

Can be used for a multitude of craft projects, such as toy making, jewellery making and scrapbooking.

20g bags – Assorted colours (50 in a bag)

Dala Craft Bells

Add auditory and visual flair to your crafts with Dalas selection of bells in various shapes and sizes. For craft applications such as soft sculpture and sewing, as well as ornament and jewellery creation.

Dala Craft Lace

Dala Craft Lace is a multicoloured flexible, plastic coated nylon crafting string that is great for jewellery making, mixed media and craft applications.

Packs of 20

Each lace is 1m in length

Dala Feathers

Dala Standard and Guinea Fowl feathers are natural, and dyed in bright bold colours. They are great for various craft applications such as in air drying clay ornament creation, paper craft and DIY card making, scrapbooking, jewellery making and loads of fun to include in any kids crafts.

Dala Letter Beads

Say something with these alphabet letter beads! White, plastic squares featuring letters printed in assorted colours.

Size – 6mm, Colour (letters) – assorted, Quantity per bag – 40

Dala Pearl Beads

Plastic pearl beads available in traditional pearlescent as well as assorted colours. Great for jewellery makingmixed media crafts and sewing craft activities.

6mm, Colour – traditional, Quantity – 10g
6mm, Colour – assorted colours, Quantity – 10g
10mm, Colour – traditional, Quantity – 10g

Dala Pony / Oval Beads

Assorted plastic pony / oval beads are suitable to various crafts such as jewellery making; mixed media and kids crafts. They can be threaded, glued onto surfaces or used in conjunction with modelling materials such as Dala Air Drying Clay and Teddy Dough, which are great activities for children aiding in fine motor skills development.

8mm, Assorted colours, 50 / pack

Dala Rhinestones

Rhinestones add glitz to any craft application whether it be adorning fabrics, plastic, wood, paper and cardstock creations, as well as jewellery crafts.

Dala Skull Beads

Use these skull beads to create interesting and alternative jewellery pieces. Can be glued onto surfaces such as paper and cardstock, plastic and more.

Size – 12mm, Colour – various, Quantity – 20 / bag

Dala Wooden Beads

Colourful, dyed wooden beads available as varnished in assorted colours, and unvarnised, natural wood. Great for kids crafts, model making and jewellery making.