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FILA Giotto be-bè Egg

Stimulate creativity with Giotto Be-bè Egg!

The Be-bè egg is designed to encourage hand-eye coordination and cognitive abilities from 18 months and older. The special egg-shaped pack opens up like a book. It contains useful, concise information for teachers and parents regarding motor skills and how this innovative game can be used to develop creativity of children.

Content: 8 super felt-tips, 1 be-bè egg

FILA Giotto be-bè Super Fibre Pens

Giotto Be-bè super-large felt-tip pens: safe colours for creative youngsters.

With the Giotto Be-bè super-large felt-tips, their creativity is 100% safe! They’re shorter, easier to hold, unbreakable, non-toxic, dermatologically tested, and extremely easy to wash off hands and fabric. The pens contain no removable parts. Outstanding protection thanks to the choke-proof ventilated safety cap and super-strong non-retractable tips. Perfect for adventurous little artists!

Format: Packs of 6 and 12 pieces

Available in: 12 colours

FILA Giotto be-bè Super Large Pencils

Giotto Be-bè super-large pencils: for little kids with big ideas.

With pencils this size, youngsters can always think big! The huge 7 mm lead allows the child to draw and colour in complete freedom and total safety, thanks to the plastic safety cap on the end of the pencil. These bright, soft colours are super-washable and easy to sharpen with the special sharpener included in each pack. With Super large pencils, it’s easy to get creative!

Format: Packs of 6 and 12 pieces with accessories

Available in: 12 colours

FILA Lyra Groove TripleOne

Three in one. With LYRA Groove TripleOne.

A watercolour pencil, coloured pencil and wax crayon, all in one with Lyra Groove TripleOne. The bright, uniform colours are water-soluble and easy to blend. So you can express your creativity to the full!

Format: Packs of 6 and 12 pieces; Single colours

Available in: 16 classic colours; gold and silver