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Dala Extendable Brush Tube

Also known as a “telescopic brush tube”.

This strong, extendable brush tube is made from a lightweight, clear plastic that protects your tools from damage and moisture.

Allows for the convenient transportation of various sized mark making tools such as brushes, markers and pencils.

Circumference: 5.5cm

Length: 21.5cm – 38cm

Material: Plastic

Dala Extendable Drafting Tube

Extendable drafting tubes allow for the easy transportation of artworks on thin materials like transparency, foil or paper.

This extendable drafting tube is made from a lightweight, black plastic that protects artworks from sunlight, water and creasing or tearing.

Nylon strap handle allows for comfortable, over-the-shoulder carrying.

Circumference: 10cm

Length: 65cm – 110cm (Medium) or 75cm – 135cm (Large)

Material: Plastic