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Dala Complete Tie Dye Kit

The Dala Complete Tie Dye Kit is complete with everything you need to create unique and colourful tie dye pieces – just add water!

The kit includes three primary colour dyes and a secondary colour mixing bottle for you to customise your palette, as well as a full instructional sheet that teaches you four Tie Dye pattern techniques:

Spiral / Traditional; Scrunch; Stripes/Folds and Rings/Circles.

Dyes up to 10 full colour items!

Dala Sun Colour

Dala Sun Colour is a concentrated, liquid fabric paint product that lends itself to sun dye and tie dye techniques. Specifically formulated for batik and salt drying techniques.

Colours mix well – create your own shades.

Available in:

250ml and
1 litre

Dala Water Brushes

Water brushes, or water brush pens, are special brushes that feature empty barrels or reservoirs wherein water, or any water-soluable colour medium can be filled. By gently squeezing the chamber the water, dye or ink then flows through to the brush head giving you the artistic effect of a brush and the control of a pen.

Suitable for use with many creative mediums such as dry and wet watercolours, charcoal, dyes, acrylic drawing inks, soft chalk pastels, watercolour markers and watercolour pencils.

Barrel / Reservoir – 6cm

Brush tip – 2cm

Full pen – 13cm

Teddy Liquid Dye

Teddy Liquid Dye is pure colour craft dye that can be used to dye most crafting materials.

Available in: