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Dala Acrylic Buttons

These acrylic buttons come in an assorted pack of many different shapes, styles and colours.

Can be used for a multitude of craft projects, such as toy making, jewellery making and scrapbooking.

20g bags – Assorted colours (50 in a bag)

Dala Acrylic Mirror Shapes

Pre-cut, self adhesive acrylic mirror shapes packs that can be used for all sorts of craft applications. Apply to doors, cupboards, walls, craft boxes, canvas and more.

Available shapes: Butterfly, Flower, Heart, Oval and Circle

Dala Art Sand

Create unusual and textured artworks with Dala fine grained, coloured art sand. Available in ten bright colours.

Use in conjunction with adhesive picture sheets or any liquid, white glue.

Dala Art Sand Sheets

Use Dala illustrated, peel-off art sand sheets for the adhesion of fine materials like coloured art sand and glitter.

Simple and fun to decorate.

Many different designs available.

A5 packs of 2 – clear, plastic hanging pack.

Dala Basic Googley Eyes

A crafters favourite, Dala googley eyes are available in various sizes and styles. Perfect for any craft. Use in conjunction with Dala Craft Glue or Dala Styrofoam Glue.

Dala Chalk Stickers

These 8 different chalkboard stickers are great for quick or temporary labels. Simply adhere to items such as glass jars, plastic tubs, metal tins, and write on the label using chalk sticks or chalk markers.

A4 sheet with 8 assorted stickers

Dala Chenille Stems

Chenille stems aka pipe cleaners are “chenille” covered wired.  So versatile, they are a must for crafters.

Dala Coloured Googley Eyes

Dala coloured googley eyes are similar to Dala basic googley eyes but they feature an eyelid with lashes, for a cuter or more feminine look. Available in various colours.

Dala Coloured Rubber Bands

Dala assorted elastic bands are thin, multicoloured and versatile. They are useful in home, classroom and office settings.

Use them to bind rolled up artworks, plans and drawings.

25g bags

Assorted Colours: red, yellow, blue, green and white

Dala Cork Sheets

Dala Cork Sheets are made from compressed, high quality, fine grained cork that is easy to cut and shape. Versatlie uses for home, office and classroom.

Dala Craft Bells

Add auditory and visual flair to your crafts with Dalas selection of bells in various shapes and sizes. For craft applications such as soft sculpture and sewing, as well as ornament and jewellery creation.

Dala Craft Boxes

These cardboard craft boxes come in sets of three and are available in four shape variants: heart, round, oval and square. Embellish them to keep trinkets safe or customize them for gifting purposes.

Each pack contains 3 of the same shape but 3 different sizes – S; M and L.

Dala Craft Lace

Dala Craft Lace is a multicoloured flexible, plastic coated nylon crafting string that is great for jewellery making, mixed media and craft applications.

Packs of 20

Each lace is 1m in length

Dala EVA Pop Sticks

EVA is a soft; porous, flexible foam material that lends itself to many crafting applications.

Dala EVA sticks are soft and flexible, making them easy to shape and cut.

Packs of 12 (Assorted colours – red; yellow; green; blue; purple; pink)

Dala EVA Sheets

EVA is a soft; porous, flexible foam material that lends itself to many crafting applications.

So easy to shape and cut, it can be used to cover objects; insulate objects; line or cushion objects; and it can be used in mixed media projects as well as in scrapbooking, card making; and to create embellishments for small craft toys.

Please note: Colour may vary from pack to pack.

Dala EVA Sticker Shapes

EVA is a soft; porous, flexible foam material that lends itself to many crafting applications.

With these self adhesive EVA sticker shapes, the cutting and sticking are taken care of. Easy to use for kids crafts, they come in a variety of soft colours and shapes.

Stick them onto book covers, light switch covers, DIY cards and other papercraft and cardstock projects.

Dala Exotic Googley Eyes

Dala Exotic googley eyes are realistic looking craft eyes, and come in three natural shades: blue, brown and green.

Assorted colours – 15mm – 12pc (quantity)

Dala Feathers

Dala Standard and Guinea Fowl feathers are natural, and dyed in bright bold colours. They are great for various craft applications such as in air drying clay ornament creation, paper craft and DIY card making, scrapbooking, jewellery making and loads of fun to include in any kids crafts.

Dala Felt Sheets

Dala Felt Sheets are made of smooth, quality acrylic material. Easy to shape and cut, and useful in many craft uses such as in soft sculpture, model building, lining objects such as trinket boxes as well as mixed media applications.

Dala Foamalite Shapes

Dala foamalite shapes are available in a variety of sizes. Choose from traditional, geometric shapes such as cubes, eggs, rings, and spheres and more; as well as cute and interesting character shapes.

Dala Foamalite Sheets

Quality, polysytyrene sheets available in two thicknesses. Easy to shape and cut. Handy for school projects, model building and sculpture.

210mm x 300mm (10mm thick)
420mm x 300mm (10mm thick)
600mm x 420mm (15mm thick)
840mm x 600mm (15mm thick)