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Dala Large Wooden Rectangular Palette

Large, wooden rectangular palette for mixing colour products and mediums. Great for work with palette knives.

30cm x 40cm

Dala Oval Wooden Jewellery Boxes

Like the rest of our craft blanks, these lovely, light, oval wooden jewellery boxes are ready to be fully customised.

Each jewellery box has a clasp on the front and two little metal hinges on the back. Paint them, adorn them, decoupage them or even give them a shabby chic look!

Makes a wonderful personal gift.

Shape – oval, Length – 7cm, Width – 11cm, Depth – 5cm
Shape – oval, Length – 6.5cm, Width – 14cm, Depth – 10cm
Shape – oval, Length – 18cm, Width – 13cm, Depth – 8cm

Dala Rectangular Wooden Jewellery Box

This quality, light wood and lightweight rectangular jewellery box features 4 inside compartments (dividers can be removed) and a glass top.

Perfect for jewellery, organising craft items or would make a lovely gift box.

Length (cm) – 12
Width (cm) – 14.8
Depth (cm) – 2.8

Dala Woodcut Shapes

Slim, light lazer cut shapes available in a variety of styles. Perfect for jewellery making, as well as embellishing your school, craft and art projects.

Dala Wooden Craft Sticks

These wooden craft sticks / mini dowel sticks are strong and versatile. Suitable for construction projects; model making and wooden toy making.

10cm in length

Packs of 50 x 10cm – Assorted colours include: red, orange, yellow, green and blue

Dala Wooden Matchsticks

These colourful wooden matchsticks are a great addition to kids craft activities. Perfect learning tool for counting games and shape building.

Also great for school projects and model construction. Can also be used in mixed media applications.

50g packs (500pc)

Dala Wooden Pegs

These cute wooden pegs come in two sizes and are perfect for attaching cards and notes to gifts, bouquets etc, as well as doll crafts, and sewing projects.

Size – 2.5cm, Assorted colours, 30 / pack
Size – 4.5cm, Assorted colours, 12 / pack

Dala Wooden Picture Frames

These blank, wooden picture frames are thin, lightweight and can be fully customised to suit any room. They feature slightly etched lines as a guide when applying paint etc.

They are great for kids crafting sessions and can be cute homemade gifts too.