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Dala Gouache

Dala Gouache is a high opacity form of watercolours that has an even flow and dries to a matte finish. Available in solid, vibrant colours.

Used by artists, illustrators and designers.

Shake tube well before use.

Available in:

30ml tubes

Dala Watercolour Cakes Set (12pc)

Dala Watercolour Cakes set is a good quality 12 colour pan set protected in a hard, plastic case. It includes a soft brush and the lid doubles up as a mixing tray.

Available as a set of 12 in a hard plastic case.

See colour chart for list of included colours.

Dala Watercolour Pad

Dala Watercolour Pads consist of 10 sheets of fine quality watercolour paper suitable for watercolour paint and ink applications.


Available in:

A2; A3, A4 and A5