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Dala Soft Chalk Pastels

Dala Soft Chalk Pastels are made from pure, powdered pigments and binder. They offer a rich, smooth texture as well as superb blending qualities.

Available in rich vibrant shades, grey tones and flesh tones.

Standard Soft Chalk Pastels – 12pc

Standard Soft Chalk Pastels – 24pc

Flesh Tones Soft Chalk Pastels – 12pc

Grey Tones Soft Chalk Pastels – 12pc

Teddy Blackboard Chalk

Teddy blackboard chalk sticks are strong, non-toxic and perfect for making marks on various surfaces including chalkboards, painted blackboards, cardstock and paper as well as fabric.

They are avalable in plain white as well as assorted colours.

12 piece box of white – hanging box

12 piece box of assorted colours – hanging box

100 piece box of white – standing box

100 piece box of yellow – standing box