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Dala Acrylic Buttons

These acrylic buttons come in an assorted pack of many different shapes, styles and colours.

Can be used for a multitude of craft projects, such as toy making, jewellery making and scrapbooking.

20g bags – Assorted colours (50 in a bag)

Dala Craft Bells

Add auditory and visual flair to your crafts with Dalas selection of bells in various shapes and sizes. For craft applications such as soft sculpture and sewing, as well as ornament and jewellery creation.

Dala EVA Sheets

EVA is a soft; porous, flexible foam material that lends itself to many crafting applications.

So easy to shape and cut, it can be used to cover objects; insulate objects; line or cushion objects; and it can be used in mixed media projects as well as in scrapbooking, card making; and to create embellishments for small craft toys.

Please note: Colour may vary from pack to pack.

Dala EVA Sticker Shapes

EVA is a soft; porous, flexible foam material that lends itself to many crafting applications.

With these self adhesive EVA sticker shapes, the cutting and sticking are taken care of. Easy to use for kids crafts, they come in a variety of soft colours and shapes.

Stick them onto book covers, light switch covers, DIY cards and other papercraft and cardstock projects.

Dala Feathers

Dala Standard and Guinea Fowl feathers are natural, and dyed in bright bold colours. They are great for various craft applications such as in air drying clay ornament creation, paper craft and DIY card making, scrapbooking, jewellery making and loads of fun to include in any kids crafts.

Dala Felt Sheets

Dala Felt Sheets are made of smooth, quality acrylic material. Easy to shape and cut, and useful in many craft uses such as in soft sculpture, model building, lining objects such as trinket boxes as well as mixed media applications.

Dala Sew On Googley Eyes

These googley eye buttons are great for sewing crafts. Can be sewn onto fabrics as well as soft toys.

Colour – basic, Size – 10mm, Quantity – 40pc
Colour – basic, Size – 15mm, Quantity – 24pc