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FILA Giotto School Paint

New Giotto Schoolpaint for worry-free creativity.

New Giotto Schoolpaint, the new ready-to-use paint that washes easily off hands and clothes, so there’s no need to worry about mess. It comes in bright, intense colours that are totally safe, and easy to apply and mix together, ensuring a smooth result. It’s supplied in the original Giotto bottle with anti-waste dispenser and ergonomic grip, characterised by the distinctive yellow label and cap. All the quality and safety of Giotto, now washable from most fabrics using a 40-degree machine programme.

Format: Bottles of 250, 500 and 1000 ml

Available in: Up to 12 colours

FILA Giotto Tempera Escolar

Pottery creativity with High-quality poster paints.

High-quality poster paints in 25 ml screw top pots. Water-based colours with an excellent coverage capacity. Ideal for decarating paper, wood, card and fabrics, these paints are perfect for any artistic activity, whether at school or at home. Produced usi

Format: Box 6 and 12 pieces, with accessories

Available in: 12 colours