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Dala Sculpture Set

5 Hard plastic, double headed modelling or sculpting tools which allow for the creation of fine details and interesting textures when working with soft modelling materials.

Suitable for use with many types of clay and dough for sculpture, as well as alternative materials such as fondant.

Material: Plastic

Length: All tools range from 14cm – 15cm

5 double-headed tools in a pack

Teddy Modelling Clay

Soft, malleable and bright colours that mix well. Non-Toxic and reusable – modelling clay never dries out!

100g assorted colours (6 colours) – cardboard sleeve pack

200g assorted colours (12 colours) – plastic clamshell pack

400g assorted colours (12 colours) – small plastic tub

500g assorted colours (6 colours) or single colours – box pack