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Dala Artists Oil Paint – Metallic

Dala Metallic Artists Oil Paint has a rich, buttery consistency that is attributed to it being triple milled as well as the use of quality ingredients and pigments.

It has a high pigment loading, great archival properties and a ‘tried and tested’ light-fastness.

Use in conjunction with the many Dala Artists’ Oil Mediums for interesting paint alterations.

Available in:

50ml tubes (gold, silver, bronze, copper)

Dala Chenille Stems

Chenille stems aka pipe cleaners are “chenille” covered wired.  So versatile, they are a must for crafters.

Dala Craft Paint – Metallic Colours

Dala Metallic Craft Paint is a quality art product that is popular amongst artists and crafters. All colours offer superior hiding power and dry to a durable and satin sheen waterproof finish.

Due to its built in UV resistance, Dala Craft Paint can be used indoors and outdoors.

Can be used on a variety of materials including canvas, cardstock and paper, stones, unglazed pottery, concrete, plaster, clay items, plastic, metal and more

Seal painted items with a layer of water-based varnish such as Dala Deco Varnish or with a solvent-based equivalent.

50 ml – all colours available

250ml – select colours only

1 litre – select colours only

5 litre – all colours available

Dala Metallic Acrylic Paint

Dala Metallic Acrylic paint has a wonderful, thick, creamy consistency that is lightfast, and value for money.

Colours are lustrous and dry to a satin sheen finish.

Available in:

75ml tubes – gold, silver, copper, bronze

Dala Metallic Ceramics Liner

Dala Metallic Ceramics Liners are an accompaniment product to our Ceramics@Home colour product range. They can be used to outline designs on surfaces such as glazed ceramics, metal; pottery; glass; ceramic and clay tiles, tin and even enamel. They are also ideal for detail work.

Cures at home in your oven!

Available in:

30ml liner pens (gold and silver)

Dala Metallic Fabric Liner

Dala Metallic Fabric Liners are professional quality, concentrated colour products to be used in conjunction with the Dala Fabric Paint range. Perfect for outlines and fine detail work.

Ideal for use on both light and dark fabrics.

Available in:

30ml – applicator pen (all colours)

60ml – small, clear applicator bottle (select colours)

Dala Metallic Fabric Paint

Dala Metallic Fabric Paint is shiny, soft and flexible and will not crack. Available in pearlescent and metallic colours, including classic metallic shades.

All colours are completely opaque and thus ideal for dark fabrics. They also have a soft flexible handle when dry and are suited for both natural and synthetic fibers.

Available in:

50ml (all colours)
250ml (selected colours)
1 litre (selected colours)
4 x 50ml Kit
6 x 10ml Kit

Dala Metallic Face Paint Kit

Dalas popular face paint is available in beautiful metallic shades for that perfect shimmer effect.

Dala face paints are non-toxic and dermatologically tested.

Easy on, easy off.

5 x 10ml face paint colours

1 x pot of loose glitter

1 x facepaint brush

Dala Metallic Glass Liner

Dala Metallic Glass Liners are flexible, water-based glass paint products that are an accompaniment product to Dala Glass Stain and Glass Glaze colour products. Together these products can be used to create a “stained glass” effect.

Create outlines with Dala Glass Liners and then fill in the colour using either Glass Stain or Glass Glaze. Can be used to fill in detail work as well.

Available in:

30ml artliner

60 ml liner bottle (gold, silver, bronze and copper only)