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Dala Craft Bells

Add auditory and visual flair to your crafts with Dalas selection of bells in various shapes and sizes. For craft applications such as soft sculpture and sewing, as well as ornament and jewellery creation.

Dala Keyrings

Easy to use metal keyrings in a pack of three. Features a segmented chain and release clip. Perfect for crafts products for kids and adults alike!

7cm in length, Colour – silver, Units per bag – 3


Dala Palette Knife Set – Metal

5 wooden handled palette knives with various flexible metal knife heads for the application of paint to a surface, and the mixing of paints with mediums.

Length: Tools range from 17cm – 22.5cm

Material: Wood and metal

Dala Round Magnets

Dala magnets are perfect for crafting applications. Use them to create custom adornments for metal objects.