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Dala Basic Googley Eyes

A crafters favourite, Dala googley eyes are available in various sizes and styles. Perfect for any craft. Use in conjunction with Dala Craft Glue or Dala Styrofoam Glue.

Dala Coloured Googley Eyes

Dala coloured googley eyes are similar to Dala basic googley eyes but they feature an eyelid with lashes, for a cuter or more feminine look. Available in various colours.

Dala Exotic Googley Eyes

Dala Exotic googley eyes are realistic looking craft eyes, and come in three natural shades: blue, brown and green.

Assorted colours – 15mm – 12pc (quantity)

Dala Pom Poms

Pom poms are a crafters staple. Suitable for use by an expert crafter as well as in kids crafts. Construct forms out of them, create pictures with them and thread them to create garlands, mobiles and other interesting crafts. Perfect for school projects too.

Suitable for sensory play for kids and fun for kids crafting projects.

Dala Scratch Art Sheets

These Scratch Art Sheets come in various pre-printed designs. Simply use the supplied craft stick to scratch beautiful patterns and designs into the black top coat.

Size – A4, Design – various illustrations, Quantity – 1pc

Dala Wooden Beads

Colourful, dyed wooden beads available as varnished in assorted colours, and unvarnised, natural wood. Great for kids crafts, model making and jewellery making.

Dala Wooden Matchsticks

These colourful wooden matchsticks are a great addition to kids craft activities. Perfect learning tool for counting games and shape building.

Also great for school projects and model construction. Can also be used in mixed media applications.

50g packs (500pc)

Dala Wooden Pegs

These cute wooden pegs come in two sizes and are perfect for attaching cards and notes to gifts, bouquets etc, as well as doll crafts, and sewing projects.

Size – 2.5cm, Assorted colours, 30 / pack
Size – 4.5cm, Assorted colours, 12 / pack

Dala Wooden Picture Frames

These blank, wooden picture frames are thin, lightweight and can be fully customised to suit any room. They feature slightly etched lines as a guide when applying paint etc.

They are great for kids crafting sessions and can be cute homemade gifts too.