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Dala Full Colour Googley Eyes

Dala full colour googley eyes feature a solid coloured back in various colours, with a black pupil.

12mm, Assorted colours, 10pc (quantity)
20mm, Assorted colours, 10pc (quantity)

Dala Self Adhesive Googley Eyes

Dalas self adhesive googley eyes make it really quick and simple to apply to many substrates including paper, cardstock, wood, plastic, metal and more.

Colour – black & white, Size – 10mm, Quantity – 50
Colour – black & white, Size – 14mm, Quantity – 24

Dala Sew On Googley Eyes

These googley eye buttons are great for sewing crafts. Can be sewn onto fabrics as well as soft toys.

Colour – basic, Size – 10mm, Quantity – 40pc
Colour – basic, Size – 15mm, Quantity – 24pc