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Dala Blackboard Paint

Create your own custom chalkboard inside or outside with Dala Blackboard Paint. Once dried you have a chalkboard!

Wipes clean easily.

Suitable for wood, unglazed pottery, asbestos, metal, masonry, glass and untreated polystyrene.

Available in:

1 litre

Dala Chalkboard Duster

Hardy, plastic easy grip handled chalkboard duster or whiteboard eraser that has a handy magnetic strip on the back for attaching to the black or whiteboard.

Length (cm) – 14.5
Width (cm) – 6
Depth (cm) – 3.5

Dala Combo Chalkboard/White Board

This lightweight, wooden framed combination blackboard / whiteboard is suitable for home or classroom use.

Compatible with chalk, soft chalk pastels, whiteboard markers and washable markers.

20cm x 30cm (Near A4)