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Dala Blackboard Paint

Create your own custom chalkboard inside or outside with Dala Blackboard Paint. Once dried you have a chalkboard!

Wipes clean easily.

Suitable for wood, unglazed pottery, asbestos, metal, masonry, glass and untreated polystyrene.

Available in:

1 litre

Dala Chalk Stickers

These 8 different chalkboard stickers are great for quick or temporary labels. Simply adhere to items such as glass jars, plastic tubs, metal tins, and write on the label using chalk sticks or chalk markers.

A4 sheet with 8 assorted stickers

Dala Chalkboard Duster

Hardy, plastic easy grip handled chalkboard duster or whiteboard eraser that has a handy magnetic strip on the back for attaching to the black or whiteboard.

Length (cm) – 14.5
Width (cm) – 6
Depth (cm) – 3.5

Dala Combo Chalkboard/White Board

This lightweight, wooden framed combination blackboard / whiteboard is suitable for home or classroom use.

Compatible with chalk, soft chalk pastels, whiteboard markers and washable markers.

20cm x 30cm (Near A4)