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FILA Giotto Stilnovo Bicolor

Double your creativity with Giotto Stilnovo Bicolor.

Doubles your creative potential with these super double-ended pencils, available in a pack of 12 pencils with 24 colours. The two-colour lead measures 3.3 mm in diameter, and offers excellent performance and quality.

Format: Packs of 12  pieces

Available in: 24 colours

FILA Lyra Super Ferby Duo

Double colour, double creativity with Lyra Super Ferby Duo.

Giant triangular coloured pencil featuring two colours. Diameter: 10 mm. Length: 17.5 cm. Painted to be the same colour as the lead. Easy to achieve the right grip, meaning you can draw for hours without your hands becoming tired. High concentration of pigments. Extra-resistant 6.25 mm diameter lead. Six different colour combinations available, making up a range of 12 different colours.

Format: Pack of 6 pieces

Available in: 12 colours